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Moonshots Farm

Want to own the next 1000x SHIB/DOGE/HEX token? Farm a new/trending moonshot every other day, automagically!

NEW: Our FarmGoo game is now live, begin playing with your BANANA here!

LATEST: Looks like ApeSwap wont be whitelisting our farm for their relaunched Banana Pool unfortunately (so please unstake your BANANA)

Cake Vault

earn ~5% CAKE apy
+ 180 moonshots yearly
your deposit: loading
total in vault: LOADING

Banana Vault

earn 0% BANANA apy
(farm ended, please unstake)
your deposit: loading
total banana in vault: LOADING

Biswap Vault

earn ~10% BSW apy
+ 180 moonshots yearly
your deposit: loading
total biswap in vault: LOADING

Your Farmed Moonshots

(your BONES farmed are credited here weekly)

Bones Farm

deposit BONES earn BNB apr LOADING
farm with your BONES here,
stakers get 5% of the yield
from the moonshot farms.
your deposit: loading
BONES marketcap: LOADING
total supply: LOADING